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Your Technology Partner

Authorised component distributors & design-in experts to Mil/Aero, industrial & Hi-Rel sectors.

Global Sourcing

Electronic components sourced on global markets.

Long-term Storage

Secure nitrogen storage for components.

Supply Chains

Vendor management, logistics, kitting & Kanban.

Electronics Testing

Anti-counterfeit testing to AS6081.

Broader. Smarter. Deeper.

Authorised electronic components distribution, design-in experts.


Our Standards of Excellence

Astute is a highly-accredited distributor, now with Cyber Essentials Plus – check our standards here.

Obsolescence Management

As a member of the Institute of Obsolescence Management (IIOM), Astute can help to address product obsolescence.

Technology Highlight: UAVs and Drones

Technology Highlight: UAVs and Drones

Emech at Astute Explore the History and Technical Elements of Drones & UAVs The history of Drones & UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) is long and distinguished, but in the past, they have been a tool of the military. Used for surveillance and electronic warfare; these...

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Semtech: LinkCharge™ Franchised with Astute

Semtech: LinkCharge™ Franchised with Astute

Astute has invested significantly in dedicated technical resource and has been working with Semtech as a design-in partner since 2013. Initially focused on high-reliability products for military and aerospace companies, we have now expanded into serving medical, automotive, factory automation, marine systems and industrial applications.

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Amphenol Military & Aerospace: Stingray

Amphenol Military & Aerospace: Stingray

New Product Release: Amphenol Military & Aerospace Astute Electronics has been an authorised, franchised design partner for Amphenol LTD for over 3 years. The Stingray product series is the new connector from Amphenol which has been optimised for body-worn...

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