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Supply chain leaders should focus on three key areas as they emerge from the pandemic and prepare for the future, says market intelligence company, Gartner, in this article from Source Today.

For long-term growth during uncertainty, Gartner recommends that companies should aim to do more than just survive and not seek a new normal. They should “take advantage of uncertainty to break away from industry competitors” by focussing on strategy, leadership and investments.

Source Today reports comments from Gartner’s, Lisa Callinan: “The call to action for supply chain leaders has been seemingly clear: survive the current turn and prepare our organization for the new normal. However, our research shows two things to be true: survival cannot be the goal and there is no such thing as the ‘new normal.’”

As well as comments from Gartner’s Tom Enright“, Supply chain leaders should make it a regular exercise to learn about, and evaluate, the current trend landscape. They must focus on those trends that will impact their business and present opportunities to grow and gain an advantage over competitors.”

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