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Looking for new solutions to common supply-chain challenges? EPSNews recommends companies to review how they manage vendors.

“Supply chains represent often vast webs of vendors, suppliers, managers, drivers, and more. Communication across this network requires transparency and flow, elements that are often lacking in supply chain processes. Overcoming vendor management challenges means finding solutions through clear and accessible communication platforms, framed with data-driven insights,” write Luke Smith.

“The pandemic has emphasized the importance of flexible supply chains and localized sources. Tech can assist in managing these sources through transparency and available data, then supply chain managers can redirect routes and inventory to more efficiently accumulate raw materials and transport goods. In fact, 40% of surveyed decision-makers plan to near-shore and increase local supplier bases.”

The author also points companies towards artificial intelligence as a tool for supply-chain management, “By harnessing raw data collected and assembled through smart devices and IoT, supply chain software keeps every aspect of the chain visible and usable.” 

To avoid electronics supply-chain disruptions, you may also wish to consult an expert in electronics component supply. With more than three decades of supply-chain expertise, Astute Electronics is ideally placed to work with you on your daily component requirements.

Either through the hundreds of manufacturers we purchase directly from, or the international network of component supply-partners offering full product traceability, Astute Safe-Supply, run by sourcing experts and offers a deeper insight into the global components markets.

With real-time access to the latest listings and prices cultivated through several decades of close supplier partnerships, we are able to spot price disparities and leverage product price variances to deliver cost-effective solutions to customers, whilst ensuring a quality, risk-free supply.

For more help with looking at supply chain options, contact Astute Electronics here