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Whats New in Electronics (WNIE) asks here the critical question, Is your global supply chain counterfeit-free?

With the rising fear of everything fake, it’s no wonder that the risk of purchasing a counterfeit product in the EU or in the United States is about one in 20, and the problem is getting bigger every year, says WNIE.

“In manufacturing, counterfeit parts can not only expose plant managers to increased risk of downtime due to equipment breakage or failure, it can also lead to health and safety hazards.

“The problem is even more concerning in high-risk industries such as aerospace, automotive and the manufacturing of medical devices. How would you feel knowing that two per cent of the components in the plane you’re about to board might be counterfeits?

The difficulties of determining the difference between genuine and fake parts is acknowledged by the article: “The truth is that, most of the time, the only difference between a genuine product and a counterfeit one is simply the use of inferior-quality materials. This only shows when the part prematurely breaks, leading to expensive downtime and, in some cases, to safety hazards.”

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