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Polyrack 19” Sub-racks

19′ subracks from POLYRACK for mounting plug-in units which typically have single or double Eurocard dimensions. The flexibility of the series enables optimum individual configuration. Custom designs are available in various different widths, depths and heights. Individual process-ing to your specifications is also possible.

  • Future Series: Wide variety of applications
  • FutureX series: a cost-optimized product that is designed for lower mechanical stress.
  • FerroRAIL Series: Specially for French SNCF railway applications.
  • Subrack Series 75: a cost-effective and easy-to-assemble alternative, using one-piece extruded side plates.
  • Subrack Series 76: suitable for panel mounted applications.
  • Subrack Series 77: Multiple-piece side plate

Polyrack 19” Sub-racks

  • Features vary with manufacturer’s series.
  • Options for vibration resistance, anodising, front rail with pitch perforation to IEEE 1101.1/.10.
  • Shielding concept EMC Fabric – front panel.
  • The electrostatic discharge is via a contact clip, which is clipped into the front of the guide rail.
  • Standards for contact points (contact surface) specified in IEEE 1101.10.


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