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M29504 – 5 Socket POF Termini

XiOptics has taken a leadership position in deploying 1mm plastic optical fiber into harsh environments by developing our proprietary “Unibody” terminus line of product. When applied to Mil-T-29504 terminus style termini XiOptics can now directly integrate plastic optical fiber interconnectivity into any Mil-C-38999 connector system at pricing points that are aligned with the objective of deploying high performance optical networks based on low cost POF transceivers and other active devices.

M29504 – 5 Socket POF Termini

  • Type 2 bonding cup solution for easier and mess free fiber termination. Allows room for integrated bonding of fiber jacket.
  • Suitable for all plastic fiber up to 1.1mm coated core. Fiber bore diameters available across 500 to 1100 micron range.
  • XiOptics proprietary “Unibody” construction delivers low cost and ease of termination into a single terminus product.
  • All stainless steel body construction removes the worry of plating flaking creating contamination or corrosion cell formation.
  • Tapered entrance and exit section ease adhesive application and fiber insertion.
  • Extended bonding cup engages connector rear seal forming a precision seal that is not dependent on plastic optical fiber jacketing.
  • Removable hood for endface cleaning and inspection.
M29504 - 5 Socket POF Termini


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