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Environmental EMI/RFI Backshell (BV1)

This Environmental EMI/RFI Backshell (BV1) is part of the Circular Connector Backshells range brought to you by Amphenol Ltd. Backshells provide strain relief, environmental sealing and EMI/RFI shielding. Availble as RoHS compliant, our selection of termination accessories are available in Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Aluminium Bronze, and come in various finishes. Different exit angles (i.e. straight, 45, and 90 degree) are available and customisation is always an option. Some Backshells can be used without any additional protection while other types are generally used with heat-shrink boots or similar protection/strain relief mechanism depending on specific requirements. Our most popular backshell style is the BK4 Band Lock Adaptor for screened cables which can be supplied with or without termination band and heatshrink boot. Backshells for Military & Aerospace applications are governed by SAE, AS85049 standard and Amphenol Backshells are designed to meet the applicable requirement of these standards. Amphenol offers additional styles and designs and can support you from concept to product realisation to satisfy your unique requirements and specifications. Applications for circular backshells include: Wire Bundle and Cable Management, Lighting, IFE and Galley, Avionic Control, Instrumentation, Aircraft Power Distribution, Weapon Systems, Actuation and Sensors, Radio/Datalink/Antenna/C4I, Shelter Power Management; Military, Commercial Aerospace, Industrial.

Environmental EMI/RFI Backshell (BV1)

  • M85049/6,8,10,17,78
  • Good strain relief and sealing
  • Offers excellent shielding and sealing.
  • Accomodates individual & overall shielding
Environmental EMI/RFI Backshell (BV1)


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