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EDAC JAX Modular RJ45

  • RJ11/ RJ45 single or stacked units with or without LEDs, with shielding and mounting options
  • Right angle mount or vertical mount in thru-hole PCB; some styles available in SMT
  • Gold flash or gold plated contacts, including high thickness gold plating for telecom
  • Shielded front ground, shielded rear ground, unshielded, or face shielded versions
  • Up to 8 ports ganged single row or 16 ports stacked as a dual row
  • Optional pair of LEDs in mixed combinations of green, orange, red, or yellow on receptacle face including bi-color variations
  • Low or high profile types, keyed or unkeyed, with or without mounting flange

EDAC JAX Modular RJ45

  • Combined functionality of series A00:RJ45 Cat.5 Jacks with the signal capabilities of independent LEDs mounted within the jack housing.
  • Each jack can have one or two LEDs.
  • LEDs available as either a single colour with matching coloured lens, or as a bi-coulor variant that utilizes a clear lens.
  • Bi-color LEDs can be made to change colour simply by reversing the voltage polarity.
  • Custom LED colour combinations are available, as well as, the selective loading of contacts, custom contact plating and special shielding.
  • Right angle jacks can be made with a larger housing that allows custom specified filter components
  • FCC Compliance: Part 68 Sub Part F
  • RoHS Compliant
EDAC JAX Modular RJ45 Datasheet


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