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AN1000 Series chipset – Power-line communications

Adaptive Networks Inc AN1000 Series chipset. With performance characteristics that were substantially ahead of their time when introduced, the AN1000 Series continues to be an advanced family of products which enables the integration of demanding multinode applications. Driven by the AN1000 chipset, the most recent version offers new levels of throughput and performance — and remains the stalwart of Adaptive’s product offering for challenging applications and environments.

Adaptive Networks is able to provide communication over powerlines through a diversity of form factors and offerings including modules, standalone modems, integrated circuits (ICs), intellectual property (IP) and associated software. Our products are known for extreme reliability and robust performance — along with standards acceptance and compliance with international power emissions regulations.

AN1000 Series chipset – Power-line communications

  • Integration of demanding multinode applications
  • AN1000 chipset
  • Addresses challenges of harsh industrial and commercial environments for OEMs, system integrators and end-users
  • Specifically designed with ease of integration in mind
  • Exhibiting a diverse range of speeds and capabilities — and supporting large node populations


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