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Amphenol Nano-Pegasus Connectors

Nano-Pegasus & Nano-Luminus build upon Amphenol Pcd’s success in light weight, plastic circular connectors in the aerospace market, in very small way. Nano-Pegasus & Nano-Luminus are small, plastic, easy to use connectors designed specifically for sensing, command and control applications where a Micro or Nano Dsub would be used. Nano-Pegasus & Nano-Luminus provide exceptional performance in tight spaces, packing 11 high grade contacts in a shell size 5 housing (0.325” outer diameter). That’s equivalent to 132 contacts per square inch! Contacts are rated for 1a, 350 Vdc operation. With a 0.050” spacing, this gives 500 Vdc insulation resistance, and 350 Vac dielectric withstanding at 70k feet. Scoop proof construction and enclosed contacts protect the small gauge contacts during mating. When mated, IP67 sealing is guaranteed by the interfacial seal, helping ensure the contacts are free from dust, moisture and corrosion. And unlike many of the competitive connectors, which are multi-piece assemblies, Nano-Pegasus & Nano-Luminus shells are a single piece housing, impervious to humidity and dust, further enhancing clean, crack free operations over the full operating temperature and environmental conditions. Shells are a high grade polyethermide construction, providing a temperature range of -65C to 175C, and high mating cycles, making Nano-Luminus suitable for man/machine interfaces. Nano-PegasusS adds a copper & nickel overplate, providing 40db to 60db EMI shielding.

Amphenol Nano-Pegasus Connectors

  • ¼ Turn Cam Lock: Easy to use, blind mate with audible click and visual locking aids
  • Interfacial & Wire sealing: IP67 performance for use in human interface, wet and damp applications
  • Polyethermide Single Piece Housing: High temperature resistance, resistance to a large number of harsh fuels & chemicals, a long working life & high mating cycles
  • 7.5 grams / mated pair: Lighter weight means longer flight times, larger payloads, longer battery life in non-static applications
  • 28 awg wire barrel: 1a continuous over full voltage and temperature range
  • 0.050” Contact Spacing: Very high density interconnect, equivalent to 132 contacts per sq inch
  • 30μ inch gold plated contacts: Long working life & high mating cycles
  • Nickel / Copper plating: Up to 60db EMI shielding typical, depending on frequency of interest
Amphenol Nano-Pegasus connectors


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