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ACuQor AC-DC Power Supplies


Industrial Grade AC-DC Power Supply With PFC. The AcuQor AC-DC power supply family operates over a universal input range of 85-264Vrms and 47-63Hz making it suitable for World-Wide deployment. Active Power Factor Correction is incorporated to a level >0.98 enabling compliance with IEC/EN61000-3-2. Single and Triple outputs of 48V, 36V, 28V, 24V, 15V or 12V are available to facilitate the use of Distributed Power Architectures and battery backup, and to directly drive components such as fans, motors, pumps, lamps and actuators.

ACuQor AC-DC Power Supplies

  • ACuQor family
  • Output power up to 1500W (2100W transient)
  • High efficiency up to 92% (at full load)
  • Universal AC input 85-264V (47-63Hz)
  • Single and triple outputs models

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