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162GB Mil-DTL-26482

The 162GB Series - 162GB Mil-DTL-26482 - is part of a range of circular bayonet locking connectors offered by Amphenol and is used across multiple markets and applications. Originally developed for Military Communications systems in harsh environments, the 62GB series is also widely used in Industrial applications such as water metering where robustness and reliability are critical. Both 62GB and 162GB connectors are designed to be compliant with the Mil-DTL-26482 Series I specification. Amphenol Ltd also manufacture 602GB connectors in accordance with Mil-DTL-26482 Series II. 62GB connectors can accomodate a wide range of wire gauges from size 24AWG to size 8 AWG with current capacity up to 22amps. The gold plated contacts in this product series are designed to suit a solder termination however Amphenol also manufacture an equivalent series with crimp contacts; 162GB, if preferred. Connector shells are machined from solid aluminium bar stock - not forged or extruded as in competitive designs, this ensues inherent strength to the connector housing. The Mil-DTL-26482 specification ensures these connectors can be reliably used in operating temperatures ranging from -55°C to 125°C. Moisture sealing is achieved through a combination of multiple sealing grommets and o-rings to prevent moisture ingress and socket contacts have a closed face to eliminate damage from test probes and prevent mis-alignment. Hermetically sealed 62GB connectors are also available for immersion or high pressure environments. The 62GB series is also available in specialist materials such as Stainless Steel and Aluminium Marine Bronze for specialist applications such as ship-borne environments. RoHS Black Zinc Nickel plating is also now available on these connectors. A wide selection of accessories including caps, backshells and tooling are offered to suit 62GB connectors.

162GB Mil-DTL-26482

  • Bayonet Locking Connector intermateable with 62GB
  • Wire gauge 24 to 8 AWG
  • Operating Temp -55°C to 125°C
  • Moisture and corrosion resistant
  • Different plating options available, including Black Zinc Nickel (RoHS)
  • Crimp contact termination
  • Typical Applications; battlefield, ground vehicles, communications systems, industrial equipments, aircraft, factory automation
162GB Mil-DTL-26482


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