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New Product Release: Amphenol Military & Aerospace

Astute Electronics has been an authorised, franchised design partner for Amphenol LTD for over 3 years. The Stingray product series is the new connector from Amphenol which has been optimised for body-worn applications.


This series offers low pro­file, compact, sealed connectors that withstand exposure to rain, dust, dirt and chemicals that are aimed at First Responders, Security and Military personnel. Stingray features a magnetic, non-keyed mating system which allows the connector to be easily mated without the need for pre-alignment and eliminates the need to operate any coupling mechanisms. Stingray has been optimised for USB 2.0 & Ethernet protocols and is an excellent solution for audio, power or data signals. The low pro­file Stingray connector sits ‑ at against the body to prevent snagging & damage, is self-aligning due to the strong magnetic connection, and allows customisation and ‑ flexibility of cable routing.

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