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The number of women working in senior supply chain roles has risen 6% increase since 2019, says a new Gartner Report.

17% of chief supply chain officers (CSCOs) are now women of the 177 people surveyed. The 6% rise is the highest since the first edition of the survey in 2016.

“The increase in women executive leaders over the past year is a positive sign, however the survey showed that women don’t consistently make it through the pipeline,” said Gartner’s Dana Stiffler.

“Lack of progress is not something the industry can afford at the moment,” she added. “Supply chain’s role in the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent recovery is crucial, with lives and livelihoods at stake. This is a pivotal time for many women in mid-level and senior management positions.”

However, there are proportionally fewer women at the VP and director levels compared to 2019, says Gartner.

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