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Reuters are reporting that a group of US semi manufacturers are working to achieve “essential business” status in order to continue operations.

The article referred to here claims the SIA (Semiconductor Industry Association), which represents major U.S. chip makers like Intel and Micron, posted an update claiming they are working with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to classify semi makers as an essential business “because of their role supporting information technology, which has become crucial as millions of Americans work from home”.

In addition, they say that chips also play a vital role in medical equipment, power grids and other needed infrastructure.

“Ensuring the continuity of semiconductor and related supply chains is necessary to support the even greater range of services that will be digitized in the coming weeks and months,” wrote John Neuffer, SIA President and CEO. “Since the semiconductor supply chain is highly globalized, semiconductor shortages created by operating restrictions in one region cannot be readily made up by production in other regions.”

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