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Home » Market Update » Tantalum capacitors price increase is necessary due to Covid, says AVX.

AVX Corporation has sent a letter to customers notifying them of a temporary increase in price of TAJ and TLJ series tantalum capacitors, report SemiMedia

According to SemiMedia’s supply chain source, the increase is “mainly due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on AVX’s production facilities and logistics, which caused its output to fail to meet the rising demand”. It’s expected to last until September.

The report says the following tantalum capacitors are affected:

  • TAJ/TLJ A Case: Price rises by 20%
  • TAJ/TLJ B / C / D / E: Price rises by 20%
  • TAJ P/R: Price rises by 20%
  • TLJ P/R: Price rises by 20%

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