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An interesting article in EPS about LLC – Long Life Cycle Markets – appeared earlier this month, which discussed a range of semiconductor supply chain issues that are creating problems for LLC customers in aerospace and defense, industrial and medical.

The article offers insights into the requirements of semiconductor LLC markets which typically conflicts with consumer electronics’ needs. According to EPS, “The problems are exposed in the “tail” end of the product pipeline with issues of reliability and obsolesce.  Unfortunately, at this point, the design team is long gone, and the procurement/maintenance teams are left to handle the problem. The options are few and expensive.”

They say that in most cases for semi manufacturers, it does not make sense to invest in LLC specific semiconductors “because the volumes are too low.” This creates serious obsolescence issues.

“LLC issues are NOT a focus point of the current electronics ecosystem, and the current design, build, and manufacturing eco-system is fragile for LLC customers.  Even the vast resources of the U.S. DoD have not been able to solve this problem,” they say.

So what’s the solution for system designers who need LLC components?

EPS says, “In the context of LLC, [distributors] can provide inventory and often serve as a secondary market for obsolete parts.

Astute Electronics says, “Successful obsolescence management means that supportability and sustainable through life support/cost of equipment can be maintained. However, if a proactive and continuous approach is taken and preventative action used, this methodology will avoid equipment cost increase, re-design or product/equipment end of life.”

Astute Electronics obsolescence management solutions can be tailored to your procurement and equipment production demands. For a standard or bespoke pricing model, please contact your Astute Manager or email [email protected]

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