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The world’s biggest chipmaker, Intel Corp, said it’s still maintaining above 90% on-time delivery of its products from factories worldwide, according to a Bloomberg story posted here.

Bob Swan, Intel’s CEO, posted on the company’s website that he is “inspired by the deep commitment of our teams to sustain our manufacturing, assembly, test and supply chain operations in Oregon, New Mexico, California and Arizona, as well as Israel, Ireland, China, Malaysia, Vietnam and other Intel and partner locations around the world.”

It should be noted, semiconductor plants are highly automated, and chips can take as long as three months to produce, meaning these figures may be less reliable as a longer-term indicator of on-time delivery. Chips coming from Intel’s plants will have started their life before the onset of Covid-19 and the subsequent lock-down and human resources issues.

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Image. Intel headquarters at 2200 Mission College Boulevard in Santa Clara, California.