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While headlines continue to be dominated by COVID, Brexit still remains a major supply-chain problem.

As the UK government’s information campaign urging businesses to prepare for the Brexit transition next year, New Electronics says, “On 1 January 2021, the UK will have a new relationship with the EU, and with the clock running down, the most likely outcome is that the UK will not enter into a new free trade arrangement with the EU.”

One key issue in a post-Brexit world, will be the risks of border crossing delays between the United Kingdom and the EU, they report, adding that critics of the UK government suggest that it has been showing ‘wilful ignorance’ and is ill-prepared to operate a functioning customs border.

“New trade barriers are likely and for businesses this will present a number of new challenges,” says New Electronics. “The impact of border crossing delays will vary from industry to industry. Industries that utilise just-in-time manufacturing processes, and industries that trade in perishable goods such as food and medicine, are likely to feel the effects of border crossing delays more than most.”

The article can be read in full here

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