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The aviation industry has just completed it’s first major European ‘airshow’ since Covid-19 broke 19 – the now online FIA Connect – (aka Farnborough International Airshow), and despite the burden of having to envisage a new normal there was some refreshing of “glass-half-full sentiment”, according to Aviation International News (AIN).

The 150 panelists in more than 70 webinars put their heads together to “to recast the challenge as an opportunity”, says AIN, and came up with several platforms for growth including:

  • The challenge to make aviation carbon-free, with opportunities for companies to advance technology supported by significant amounts of government financial support.
  • Replace jet-A fuel with electricity generated by renewable means or hydrogen as a welcome foundation for aviation’s future between now and 2050.
  • Increased automation of aircraft, leading along a spectrum to increased adoption of fully autonomous flight.
  • Deliver profound change across the aerospace supply chain.

AIN noted that the Covid emergency has somehow galvanized attitudes toward an urgent need for such shifts.

The article concluded that FIA Connect displayed “a more self-conscious UK focus as the country’s aerospace industry grapples with the task of reinventing itself in response to the twin challenges of Covid and its Brexit departure from the European Union”.

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