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Founded: 1992

Headquarters: Birmingham, UK

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Astute Electronics is an authorised, franchised distributor and technical partner for Transys Electronics, a privately owned semiconductor manufacturer located in the industrial heartland of Birmingham UK.

Founded in 1992, Transys now owns and operates a full capability 5000 square foot power semiconductor waferfab along with vacuum soldering assembly capability. They are capable of producing 4,000, 4, 5, and 8-inch power semiconductor wafers per week.

The key product technologies include IGBT’s , customised MOSFET’s , Power Transistors and Transient Voltage Suppressors (TVS).

Considerable investment in both key personnel and equipment has kept Transys ahead of the technological curve, even in an industry that boasts much larger companies.

They have a full range of processing capability, Diffusion for both Planar and Mesa products, both advanced and Ion implantation and more rugged Gas and Film dopants are used, Photolithography, plasma and chemical etch, plus sputtering and evaporated metal systems and dicing all onsite in the UK.
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+44 (0)1438 909 922

  Over the last 29 years we have developed some truly world beating products, unheard of for a private company our size.  Partnering with Astute we are expanding on our historic customer base, Astute’s unmatched experience as a design led distributor creates a perfect partnership between the two companies

Christian Holland, Managing Director, Transys Electronics

Product Lines and Applications

Their products operate in the advanced specification arena, harsh applications and difficult electrical parameters have been the key to Transys’s growth.

Some key market and application areas are:

  • Military
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive

Wafer Technology
4,5,6 & 8 Inch wafer multiple metal systems available


Current ic (A) 6 amp up to 3000 amp
Voltage Vces (A) Up to 4500 volts

Power Transistors
Vces 15v up to 1700v
Ic Up to 60A

Small Signal Transistors
Vceo up to 120v
Ic up to 1000mA

Schottky Diodes
Maximum Average Current IO A up to 60 amps
VRRM up to 200 volts

Current IT (RMS) 0.8 amp up to 30 amps
Voltage (VDRM) Up to 800 volts

N Channel

VDSS (V) Up to 1700 volts
ID cont @ 25°C Up to 75 amps
RDS (on) Ohm Up to 80 ohm

P Channel

VDSS (V) -50v to -600v
ID cont @ 25°C  -10A up to -170A
RDS (on) Ohm 0.014 ohm up to 1.2 ohm

Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCR)
Current IT (RMS) 0.8 amp up to 500 amps
Voltage (VDRM) Up to 2000 volts

Telecom Thyristor Protector (Sidac)
Surge current rating Up to 100 amps
VDRM 58v up to 320v



Rectifier Diodes
IF (AV) 150mA up to 15,000 Amps
VRRM 2500 volts

Fast Recovery Rectifier Diodes
IF (AV) 150mA up to 15,000 Amps
VRRM 2000 volts
trr (ns) 15-500 ns

Transient Voltage Supressors (TVS)
Power Ratings 500 watt up to 10,000 watt
Voltage 3.8V up to 440 volts

Transhield TVS Diodes
Current Rating 1000 amps up to 20,000 amps
Voltage rating 16 volts up to 530 volts

The transhield negative slope device consists of multiple Die soldered together inside a package to achieve the current rating. The above current ratings relate to the stack of chips & not a single die.

Packaging Solutions

As do many semiconductor companies, Transys subcontracts much of the discrete assembly of their die to specialist partners at various locations in Asia.

However, as some of their customers require more, Transys maintain a high-value packaging solution division at their UK HeadQuarters.

This division uses exclusively vacuum soldering systems plus a range of wirebond systems to attach die into power modules of various types and sizes.

Astute can provide technical support to develop customer-specific solutions in conjunction with the manufacturer.

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