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American Bright

Astute Electronics is an authorised, franchised global/UK/European distributor and design-in partner for American Bright – one of the industry’s largest selections of optoelectronics such as high power LEDs, SMT chips, PLCC, LED lamps, IR emitters, phototransistors and various LED displays including E-Paper displays.

American Bright’s innovative approach to optoelectronics includes the patented EzyLED, making tight-fitting LED implementations very easy. EzyLED™ is a proprietary and patented LED device with a built-in IC chip which drastically reduces the need for additional capacitors, coils or resistors. Luminous intensity remains constant even with fluctuations in voltage inputs.

American Bright specialises in LED lighting components & control modules for aircraft interiors, industrial automation, buildings, construction, horticulture, automotive and healthcare markets.

American Bright has gained a reputation as a leading supplier of LED Lighting & Controls since it began lighting up the US market in 1995. American Bright Optoelectronics Corporation, a subsidiary of Taiwan-based Bright LED Electronics, has sustained growth in the Hi-Reliability markets.

Astute Electronics – Technical Partner for American Bright 

Astute Electronics is key design-in partner for American Bright, advising customers on how to incorporate American Bright component within new designs and providing technical advice direct from the manufacturer. American bright has extensive experience in engineering and is uniquely qualified to support fast-track customised optoelectronics solutions including lighting assemblies LED drivers and power supplies. Astute offers global bespoke solutions across all market segments and across all sectors of the electronics industry and is a value-added partner for American Bright.

Kevin Baker, Franchise Divisional Manager, Astute Electronics says, “American Bright has a bar-setting, innovative adventurous approach to business, making them the perfect partner for Astute. We’re looking forward to communicating directly with the factory on new projects. Their manufacturing techniques are highly proficient, assuring a level of quality and uniformity that meets market expectations especially within the Mil/Aero and defence industries. It’s a great pleasure to have the honour of representing American Bright products.”

Key Products from American Bright

American bright manufactures one of the industries largest selections of optoelectronics including

  • AC & DC LED modules
  • High-powered LEDs
  • SMT chips
  • PLCCs
  • EzyLED
  • Infrared LEDs
  • Flexible light solutions
  • UV LEDs
  • E-Paper displays

In addition to their range of standard products, Astute can provide technical advice to develop and manufacture customer-specific solutions in conjunction with American Bright, bringing its expertise to solve client challenges. They specialize in infrared modules, LED related PCB assemblies, AC/DC modules, flexible rope lights and customised light strips.


Astute – Your technical partner for American Bright products in the UK/Europe/across the globe.

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