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Astute Electronics is an authorised, franchised seller and technical partner for Quell Corporation’s ground-breaking EESEAL solution for EMI issues in harsh environment applications.
Increasing use of electronic devices has seen an increasing demand to reduce ‘cross talk’ in order to maintain integrity. Traditional filter connector solutions often incorporate the use of Planar technology or chip on board solutions to achieve desired results. Both solutions obtain desired results but in an environment of reduced ‘time to market’ the lead time can be prohibitive. EESEAL is delivered in considerably less than half the time of traditional solution.
Quell has brought the EESEAL range to the market this technology allows for the filtering to be achieved by using an EMI filter insert made of silicone rubber. The patented construction allows for EMI filtering and transient suppression to be contained within the insert which is produced of the same material as military grade connector interfacial seals.
Once installed, which takes around thirty seconds and requires no specialist tooling, the EESEAL adds an environmental seal to the connector. Size advantage is also apparent over traditional solutions as is weight saving – both critical in helping customers meet market demand for smaller, lighter weight components.
Quell is AS9100 certified and the EESEAL passes MIL 1344 testing, RTCA/D0-160 thermal cycling, MIL5400 and NASA outgassing requirements. Utilised by many global leaders in aerospace, space and defence industries EESEAL has solved over 14000 applications thus far. The ease of installation makes EESEAL ideal retrofit solution and can be easily fitted in the field as well as designed in at concept stage.
Astute Electronics is proud to represent Quell Corporation and introduce to its customers the EESEAL solution.

Standard Connector EESEAL Readily Available For

  • MIL C 38999 Series 1-4
  • MIL C 26482 Series 1-2
  • MIL C 5015
  • MIL C 83723 S3
  • MIL C 81511
  • MIL C 26500
  • MIL C 55181
  • MIL C 28840
  • JN1003 EFA
  • D-Sub
  • High Density D
  • Combo D
  • Micro D
  • Arinc 404 and Arinc 600


Astute and Quell

EESEAL from Quell takes the ‘noise’ away from your project, providing a solution to EMI that eliminates the need for long lead times, high cost connectors and potentially punitive NRE. Installed in seconds and delivered in days, EESEAL from Quell brings you tomorrows EMI solution today.

Gary Evans, E-Mech Divisional Manager, Astute Electronics

Astute – your technical partner for Quell.

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From minor modifications to cabling and full solutions, Astute can engineer components to suit your needs, supported by the manufacturer.


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