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Positronic Hermetic D-Subminiature Connectors

Positronic hermetically sealed feedthroughs combine superior performance with the proven D-subminiature connector interface for in the industrial and space applications.

Featuring the reliability of the patented Posi Band contact, the Positronic range of hermetically sealed feedthroughs are ideal for vacuum installations in both industrial and spaceflight applications.

The range includes a number of different mounting options, but all share a superior Helium leak rate of 5x10-9 mbar.l/s and are shock & vibration resistant.  They conform to MIL-DTL-34308, Goddard and SPACE-D32 specifications.

The standard interface provides compatibility with non-hermetic D-subminiature connectors, and the feedthroughs are available in standard and high density versions, along with mixed contact and thermocouple options.


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