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Amphenol Terrapin

Terrapin is designed to be the preferred solution for miniature connectors in military and other harsh environment applications. With a robust shell, Terrapin features a low-lustre black-silver finish that is corrosion resistant and RoHS compliant. Terrapin is built to withstand severe battlefield situations, providing EMC shielding and IP68 sealing in both the mated and unmated conditions.

Terrapin offers the user the ability to swap between push-pull and spin coupling mating styles, without changing the plug connector. Manufactured with an integral backshell to reduce weight, Terrapin can be terminated using overmoulding or traditional heatshrink methods, and is delivered as a single-piece connector for quicker and cheaper termination.

Key features:

  • Miniature circular interconnect with push-pull or locking mating style
  • IP68 sealed in both mated and unmated conditions
  • Available with 7 to 37 contacts
  • Corrosion resistant RoHS compliant finish
  • Light weight and low profile.


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