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Not all connectors are created equal!

When it comes to performance, not all connectors can make the grade. Whether your design demands high power density, superior reliability or environmental performance, picking the right connector is vital.

Fortunately, choosing Positronic connectors from Astute Electronics will cover all the bases. Innovative contact design featuring Positronic’s patented PosiBand concept provides both excellent current capacity and high mating cycles.

Now available from Astute, Positronic offers a fantastic range of power connectors, from the compact PCS family, capable of up to 25 Amps continuous power, to the compact Goldfish range which combines power and signal contacts for the most efficient use of space.

When it comes to superior reliability, the Positronic name is trusted to deliver in the vacuum of space. The SAD and SADD ranges of connector savers are qualified by NASA, ESA and the Goddard Space Flight Centre.

Whenever there is zero margin for error, trust Positronic and Astute to deliver reliability, performance and security from stock!

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Positronic parts are in stock now!