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Amphenol’s goal is to help in the achievement of a protected soldier, equipped with connected functionality, with a clear picture of the tactical situation and a reliable means of communication.

In today’s rapidly transforming armed forces, the soldier continues to play a central role in operational scenarios.

Their mission spectrum is often complex, calling for capabilities enabling high-mobility operations in difficult and unfamiliar terrains.

Advanced connector technologies make a major contribution to improving the five main capabilities of modern warfare. Protection, lethality, command and control as well as mobility and sustainment.

The aim is to improve performance in all five capability areas without overburdening the individual soldier.

A variety of different contact designs and termination methods are available dependent upon the product application and environment:

Stingray 7-Way  /  Stingray 9-Way  /  Terrapin  /  Terrapin USB-C  /  Terrapin Micro-SD  /  62GB 10-76  /  HD38999  /  2M  /  μCom  /  TV μCom  /  USB3F TV  /  RJF6  /  RJFTV6  /  Size 7 38999  /  Nexus Ranger  /  Nexus Mini-TAC