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Technical Support

Astute Electronics provides component engineering support across our franchises, modifying & adapting for your projects, and supporting you throughout the design cycle with experienced technical advisers. 

We work in partnership with your design teams to help you introduce new technology to your projects – speeding up your innovation cycles and development times. Our technical support teams contain respected experts for connectors, electromechanical, passives, power and semiconductor components and solutions. 

From optional extras to cabling and full solutions, Astute can engineer components to suit your needs, supported all the way directly by the manufacturer.

Applications expertise

Servicing the needs of global leaders across the defence, military and aerospace sectors places us at the top of the tree for applications-orientated expertise and technical support in the high-reliability sector. We now deliver the best design solutions for a range of industries from medical to public transportation, instrumentation to oil and gas – all supported by a network of skilled field sales engineers and product experts in connector, electromechanical, passives, power and semiconductors components.

Hi-Rel specialist

Astute is the specialised, high-reliability technical expert, and we place this at the core of everything we do. Each one of our franchised manufacturers is chosen for their range of components and design solutions and their proven technical capabilities to serve the Hi-Rel markets. Spanning a wide range of technologies including connector, semiconductor, passives, electromechanical and power, we support your innovation through carefully selected components.

  • Hand-picked franchised manufacturers proven in Mil-Aero & Hi-Rel markets
  • Specialised semi, passive, connector, electromechanical and power components
  • Technical advice, component engineering & design-in support across franchises 
  • Supporting your innovation through technical expertise


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