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Supply Chain Management

Any aspect of your supply chain can be out-sourced, and with it the costs and issues of managing those suppliers – freeing you to focus on your core business strengths. Our tailor-made logistics solutions are proven to lead to greater production efficiencies, more constant stock levels and fewer human costs. We call this a smarter outcome.

Astute 3PL(Third Party Logistics) can help improve your business efficiencies by developing an out-sourced solution around your requirements – and on any scale. Utilising smarter techniques that include vendor-reduction programmes, sub-assembly management, Kitting, JIT deliveries and Kanban, we can streamline and simplify the supply of components into your production schedule.

Three decades of supply-chain expertise means we are ideally placed to work with you on your daily component supply requirements. We fulfil your Bills of Materials (BOMs) using only the safest supply routes, either by purchasing directly from the manufacturer or via our global network of partners who offer full product traceability.

Smarter logistics, more intelligent outcomes

  • Outsource any aspect of your supply chain, gain more intelligent outcomes
  • Vendor-reduction, sub-assembly management, Kitting services, JIT deliveries and Kanban
  • Proven to improve production efficiencies, stock levels and lowers employee costs
  • Diverse commodities procured for defence Primes and Tiers


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