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Obsolescence Management

Replacing obsolete parts is expensive, time-consuming and fraught with risk, but a careful and forward thinking strategy will help to minimise – and in some cases even eliminate – typical obsolescence issues.

Astute accesses the leading global-monitoring systems, filtering hundreds of millions of electronic components from thousands of suppliers, to deliver the latest technical and end-of-life information on obsolete electronic components.

Drawing on historical data, alternative product comparisons and a BOM management system, we can advise you on product longevity, product choices and prudent measures to insure against component obsolescence affecting your systems. 

Through the fully-franchised partnerships our hand-picked manufacturers, we are afforded advanced warning into obsolescence problems long before they occur. Enabling customers to decide early on about the risk of product obsolescence is a critical part of our job.

Astute has also developed its own in-house information tools to see supply trends and understand the risk of obsolescence prior to product launch.

Astute is your integrated solutions partner to address product obsolescence.

  • Pro-active obsolescence
  • LTBs – procurement plans
  • Long term – flexible schedules
  • Risk sharing – disaster recovery plan
  • End of life – excess remarketing
  • Technical – engineering support

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