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Long-term Storage

Astute invests in long-term storage facility for components

Astute further demonstrates the company mantra – See beyond – with significant investment in a new, secure long- term storage facility for electronic components, thereby protecting our customers for years to come.

As an AS6081-certified distributor with in-house electronic component testing, a dedicated logistics department, modern warehousing, and nearly three decades of dealing with obsolescence issues and procuring parts on the global market, Astute offers a more integrated, traceable approach to long-term storage than probably any other supplier.

Our total management package ensures that your components are not only stored in secure, high-tech long-term storage environment, but all the procurement and supply-chain aspects have been managed for you. From dealing with BOMs, monitoring last-time-buy opportunities to periodic sample testing and release schedules, your vital components – every last one of a 4,000-piece real, will be in the right place and right condition – until they’re needed at the right time.

If you’re looking for the confidence factor – choose Astute.

Astute offers these competitive advantages:

With Astute’s on-site test lab and inspection methodology certified to AS6081, we can undertake initial inspection of electronics and periodic testing.

  • Receipt inspection phase: determines the receipt condition of electronic components prior to storage. Typically, this might incorporate both destructive and non-destructive testing, e.g. ED-XRF spectrometry for plating termination finish and thickness measurements followed by solderability testing.
  • Periodic watchdog checking: with prior consent, we can test a sample from a customer’s total inventory and report back any changes. 

As a global parts procurement specialists:

  • We can buy on behalf of a customer, perform sample testing, and release the products on an agreed schedule, part of kits or a Kanban line-side feed.

With our modern warehousing and IT infrastructure:

  • Combined with an ERP system, barcode scanning, mobile labelling, we can provide in-situ monitoring, thus ensuring absolute traceability for components.

Key features of Astute’s long-term secure storage facility for electronic components

Total environmental protection

  • Long-term nitrogen storage cabinets offering protection to many thousands of components.
  • Fully enclosed cabinet room isolated from the rest of the building against environmental changes or damage.
  • Our 19 X-Treme XT line smart nitrogen series auto dry cabinets provide 23,750 litres of dry temperature controlled storage conditions preventing corrosion of vulnerable products.
  • In-house nitrogen generation plant and back-up generator provides 48-hours stand-by power, serving the nitrogen generation plant and maintaining the correct environmental conditions within the cabinet facility.
  • Static discharge is controlled and neutralized by air ionization within the cabinet room; it is totally isolated from areas of higher relative humidity. Air ionizers work by flooding the atmosphere with positive and negative ions, which attach to and neutralise those of the opposite polarity on a charged surface.

Total protection from unauthorised access

  • Data-guarded and access controlled: the cabinet room is accessible only to specific, trained operatives who are issued with an individual pass code.
  • Each cabinet is passcode locked with solenoid, electric locks.
  • Full security reporting of the environmental control history per cabinet: records data on who accessed the cabinet, when and for how long, and any environmental changes which took place within the cabinet during that time.   

Flexible, long-term storage solutions

  • Long term storage options.
  • Working with our customer, we agree a long-term storage programme that may include batch shipments and periodic removal for testing.
  • Storage space for many thousands of components
  • Storage available a per shelf basis, section basis, or in dedicated cabinets for the ultimate in tailored long-term storage security.

Flexible pricing structures 

  • Bespoke pricing structures based on volume, requirements and frequency of service. 

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