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Market Updates

Here you can find market updates from trusted sources as they come in.

2020 is expected to observe challenging market conditions and uncertainty.

Arm yourself with preparedness by keeping up to date with the latest insights from trusted sources.

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PCB industry sales up 0.8% in June

Earlier this week the IPC, who represent U.S. PCB manufactures, revealed positive movements in book-to-bill with June shipments up 0.8% year-on-year and 19.7% compared to the previous month. “June saw another month of strong demand for PCBs in North America. PCB...

COVID-19 has changed the DRAM & NAND industry, says Yole

Current forecasts assumes a much steeper 2020 investment in DRAM and NAND than earlier predicted, according to a new report by market forecasters, Yole Développement. Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak expectations were for combined DRAM and NAND capex of US$38.8 billion...

Electronics at forefront of second month of recovery, reveals ISM

US manufacturing has grown at its fastest rate in 17 months, says the ISM (Institute for Supply Management) in their new Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) report, a closely watched gauge of US manufacturing. The PMI showed improvements for the third month straight in...

Uncertainty here to stay: prioritise resilient supply chains over cost-efficiencies

It's a staggering but unsurprising statistic: 94 per cent of Fortune 1000 companies suffered supply chain disruptions during the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic. As this Which-50 Cover Story makes plain, underestimating the risk of supply chain shocks led...

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Electronic Component Sourcing Services

Over 25 years of supply-chain expertise means we are ideally placed to work with you on your daily component requirements.

Either through the hundreds of manufacturers we purchase directly from, or the international network of component supply-partners offering full product traceability, Astute Safe-Supply, run by sourcing experts and offers a deeper insight into the global components markets.

With real-time access to the latest listings and prices cultivated through several decades of close supplier partnerships, we are able to spot price disparities and leverage product price variances to deliver cost-effective solutions to customers, whilst ensuring a quality, risk-free supply.

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