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Astute Electronics Testing Lab

Non-destructive test routines for AS6081 standard

Electrical Testing

Diagnosys Pinpoint Sigma comprising of: DMM, Arbitrary waveform generator, oscilloscope, counter timer, shorts locator, performance test module, LCR bridge, analogue signature analysis, programmable power supplies. Up to 384 dynamic universal test channels, and 256 digital test channels. 5,10,15 or 25MHz digital test rate options. Read, Blank and verify routines for programmable devices.

High Powered Optical Microscopy

Undertaking detailed surface inspection 450-3000x magnification of Die, lead condition, print form and package texture analysis.

SEM and EDS Analysis

Scanning Electron Microscopy and Energy Dispersive Spectrometry provides observational analysis of component features, including mapping of elements present. Combats coating free re-marking techniques. Identifies elements of observed features to aid analysis. Can be performed both before and after solvent testing.

Real Time X-Ray

Check for lot consistency of internal construction, die size, general shape and size of die (indirect observation), lead frame geometry, wire bond gauge and routing in conformance with OCM data.

ED XRF Spectrometry

Material analysis identifying elements present in the sample. Plating thickness measurement, the ratios of elements present and the homogenous material values (%) given for RoHS verification.

External Visual Examination (Detailed Criteria)

Optical examination from 0x to 200x magnification. Determining that all the component features are consistent with OCM acceptable quality conditions.

External Visual Examination (General Criteria)

Ensures all parts in the lot meet the General Criteria ( Determining parts are consistent with OCM lot traits.

Documentation and packaging analysis

Examination of all paperwork and packaging, including labels to determine authenticity.

Destructive test routines for AS6081 standard

De Cap/Lidding-Chemical & Physical

Observation of Die marks such as manufacturer name or logo, Die date, mask protection and copyright marks. Correlation between mask ID and MPN discussed. Chip size and topography, bond-wires and die quality examined for indicators of re-work/poor quality.

Solvent Test for Resurfacing

Resistance to Acetone, 1-Methyl 2-Pyrrolidinone and then Dynasolve. Determining markings and surface material is original to the OCM.

Solvent Test for Remarking

Resistance to solvents. Determining surface material and markings are original to the OCM.

Solderability Testing

Force measurement test method IPC/EIA J-STD-002 (destructive test). Or “Dip & Look”.

Scrape Test

Observation of epoxy reaction when scraped with a scalpel. Identifies clear and coloured lacquers applied to the component surface.

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